Photos from the Landing Day Luncheon

Held at the Chateau on the Park on Sunday August 17th

Comte De Paris Descendants - Photo Gallery


Breitmeyer family, Akaroa

While most of the early settlers were British, 62 French people came out to Akaroa in 1840 aboard the Comte de Paris. Among the ship’s passengers were a German couple, Johann and Eva Breitmeyer,and their four children   

This photograph of their son John George and his wife Elizabeth, their children and grandchildren was taken about 1908.Back Row from left George Breitmeyer,fifth from left,.Fritz Breitmeyer.Sitting to the right of Elizabeth is Mary Breitmeyer (wife of Fritz).The boy sitting in the front row leaning against his Grandmothers legs is Herbert Breitmeyer born 1901 eldest son of Fritz and Mary.Edith is sitting on her grandfather’s knee. 


Early Akaroa Postcards


Image 1.  Photo, early Akaroa courtesy Cant Museum, (no date)

Image 2.   Akaroa in 1881, (hand coloured)

Image 3.   "Pompey" the penguin, Akaroa's mascot, (no date)

Image 4. New year card sent to her sister Jossephine in Akaroa by Emilie Suiri 1st Jan. 1915 during W.W.1, (hand coloured)

Image 5.   Akaroa boat sheds that were later destroyed by fire, (no date)

Image 6.   Looking down Lavaud street, (no date)

Image 7   Looking South from the hill, around 1901 to 1910.

Image 8   looking out across the harbour, round 1901 to 1910