Comte de Paris Descendants Group

Preserving the heritage of the French and German families who landed at Akaroa from the ship
Comte de Paris in August 1840.

As a group we aim to encourage the preservation and knowledge of the heritage of the Akaroa
families. We celebrate the National days of both France and Germany as well as participate in the celebration of the Akaroa French Fest.

We are striving to establish and maintain an archive of information, family certificates and other
documents of significance to our members. We are also developing links between different family groups in France and Germany and also a relationship with the community of Akaroa, and those interested in the heritage of the area.

Are YOU part of our family?     Do you have any of these names in your family history?

Benoit  -   Bernard  -   Bouriaud  -   Breitmeyer   -  Cebert   -  Chardin  -   David  -   Dulac  -   Dupas  -   Eteveneaux  -   Fleuret   -  Francois   -  Gendrot   -  Guindon     Gurtner   -  Hahn  -   Haulme  -   Hettich  -  Jotereau  -   Jouy     Le Duc   -  LeLievre  -   Libeau   -  De Malmanche  -   Masse  -   Michel  -   Pigoulet  -   Rousselot  -   Veron  -   Vidal  -   Waeckerle  -   Walter  -   Wooll

If so, we would love to hear from you. for a membership enquirie please click the link in the top right hand corner of this page.


Compte de Paris Group Auckland Branch

 The group of people who gathered for this first meeting of the Auckland Branch were enthusiastic and all are keen to see us continue to meet from time to time.  We have initially scheduled a lunch meeting on Sunday July 10th as a pre Bastille celebration in a French cafe in Auckland.  We hope to have an upstairs room to gather in after lunch to chat.  We are then  looking to have more of a discussion / information sharing type meeting in  October date not yet confirmed but tentatively looking like the 16th October.  We have not put in place any formal stuff - I will continue to liaise with people to keep them advised as information comes to hand.  The actual data base of names now has 16 people on it plus of course some partners who wish to participate as well.  A number of these people as you know live well out of Auckland so they just want to be kept informed and will attend if circumstances allow.  Attached is a photo of our first meeting group of descendants (we had 4 husbands present as well).   So that was 14 altogether with several apologies.  Not a bad beginning.  Watch this space………………

 The names are as follows.

 Back row left to right:  Charmaine Simmonds - Libeau,  Dee Barron - Breitmeyer, Paulette Dalton - LeLievre (Husband John not in the picture) , Morgan Libeau - Libeau & Gendrot, Jeanette Haskell - Le Compte and I think Libeau as well, Julie Bickner - LeLievre  (Husband Jim not in the photo) 

 Front row left to right:  June Younger - LeLievre and Malmanche, Cherie Moran - Fleuret and Bouriaud, (Husband Trevor not in the picture) Alison Silvester - Guillame David (Husband Barry not in the picture) 


Dr. Gerald Atkinson


Message Hi, For quite a few years now I have been researching, and collecting remnants of, the grape vines which were brought to Akaroa by the French settlers. Interestingly, the principal source still exists and still grows vines: Domaine de Palot in Entre Deux Mers in Bordeaux. Ca. 2003 I interviewed the late Mrs. Ellen Hopkin who lived at an old property on the corner of Rue Balguerie and Muter Street. Her address was, I believe, 47 Rue Balguerie. At the time she was a very well known Akaroa senior citizen, and she informed me that the property was, in French colonial times, a cherry orchard. My interest however was in several of her very old grapevines, one (and possibly two) of which was undoubtedly from Bordeaux -- as Mrs. Hopkin herself assured me. Unfortunately, at the time when Mrs. Hopkin was kind enough to permit me to collect material from her old vines, her grandson had been "cleaning up the garden", and aside from hacking most of the vines down very hard, he had also rather liberally sprayed them with weedkiller. As a result, the already weakened cuttings I was able to obtain from the ex-Bordeaux vines failed to grow because of severe weakness, doubtless due mostly to the effects of the weedkiller. This property has, following Mrs. Hopkin's death (ca. 2005?) been subdivided and whatever remained of the old vines of interest to me was completely destroyed and bulldozed out. I nevertheless continue to harbour the hope that someone with Akaroa connections who knew Mrs. Hopkin may have at some time before 2003-4 obtained cuttings from her vines (and the white fruited ones in particular). Can any of your members help me trace any such remnant vines? They are unquestionably directly connected to the French settlement (being white Bordeaux varieties), so their historical significance is quite substantial. Thank you. Dr. Gerald Atkinson


Comte de Paris Descendants Group Unisex Sports Polo Shirts



Embossed with our ship Logo on the front top chest and list of descendants (33) on middle back section. Approximate cost $60.00

If you haven’t already ordered with Donna Thomsen please place your order soon as there are only a few left, by replying to her email below,with name, contact phone, sizing type and quantities. 

Polo colour and style has been decided and we are taking orders for those members who wish to purchase one of these stylish garments for wear at one of our numerous functions, festivals, meetings etc. Or even just to wear as a reminder and discussion point to anyone interested in the history and bloodline.

The main colour of the polo is navy, made of lightweight highly breathable anti bacterial treated 165 GSM 100% polyester with contrast piping in a red and white insert along the bottom of the short sleeves and up the side and with red and white contrast up the side trunk underarms, which gives the polo a bit of shape.

Sizings will tend to be more on the fitting size so allow a little room for the croissants! Please measure your half chest from underarm to underarm. You can measure this also by using an existing comfy polo shirt and laying it on the ground.


Ladies 10/mens XS        half chest (cm) 47                     length(cm) 69

Ladies12/mens small      half chest 49                            length 71

Ladies 14/mens M          half chest 52                            length 73

Ladies 16/Mens L          half chest 55                            length 75

Mens XL                        half chest 58                            length 77

Mens 2XL                      half chest 62                            length 79

Mens 3XL                      half chest 65                            length 81

Mens 5XL                      half chest 70                            length 81

Thank you

Donna Thomsen: email:

 Or phone 0274354552


Heartfelt pleas from the community have led Christchurch City councillors to unanimously endorse plans to restore and strengthen Akaroa's historic Gaiety Theatre. City councillors have agreed to spend up to $624,000 on the 134-year-old theatre with the aim of bringing it up to 67 per cent of the New Building Standard (NBS).

The money for the repair and strengthening work will come from the council's multimillion-dollar Building and Infrastructure Improvement Allowance. Akaroa-Wairewa Community Board deputy chairman Lyndon Graham told councillors the Gaiety was an important public historic building and one of only two buildings in Akaroa that could accommodate gatherings of more than 100 people. It was used for meetings, shows, concerts, community functions and weddings.

"It is essential to the well being of our community and I cannot stress strongly enough its importance to the people of Akaroa, I plead with you today to favourably heed our request... to restore to us this most loved and frequently used building."


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